Unique Camping Creations

Here are 8 unique camping creations to make your camping time a little easier. Don't be afraid to share these great ideas with others!

tic tac spice containers

matchstick with flame

triple ointment packets

coffee baggies

shaved soap

milk jug lantern

rosemary on the coals

toilet paper holder

  1. Re-use Tic Tac containers to hold your spices.
  2. Glue sandpaper to the top of your match holder.
  3. Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets. Use a lighter to seal the ends.
  4. Make travel coffee bags out of coffee filters and dental floss.
  5. Make single-use soap leaves from a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler.
  6. Point a head lamp into a jug of water for an instant lantern.
  7. Forgo the meat marinade and put the rosemary right on the coals.
  8. While hiking, you can re-purpose a coffee can to hold and protect your toilet paper.
  9. What great ideas that are just so simple. Please don't forget to share on Facebook with your other RV friends.

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