Globetrotter Travel Trailer By Airstream

Globetrotter Travel Trailer By Airstream

The Globetrotter

The Globetrotter is a dream for the modern design enthusiast With its sleek, clean lines, elegant features, and international touches, it surrounds you in a style that feels like it was made for you, elevating each and every adventure you set out on.

An American icon with a European twist.

In 1948, our founder, Wally Byam, and his friend Cornelius Vanderbilt painted the words Globe Trotters on the side of their Airstream, then headed for Europe. The modern Globetrotter was created to capture both the spirit of adventure and the spirit of European design. The two come together beautifully in a trailer with the classic Airstream look that feels of-the-moment and timeless all at once.

Modern design done right.

A concept born in the UK and influenced by design from all across Europe, the Globetrotter interior is a thing of beauty. The crisp, clean lines, smart compositional elements, and lustrous aluminum walls work in perfect harmony with the iconic Airstream profile.

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