Intech Travel Trailers

Why Buy an inTech RV?

At inTech we know that you have choices when it comes to purchasing an RV...a lot of choices! So why choose an inTech RV? We believe the reason to purchase our products stems heavily from our core values. More than just simple words, our values are what we live by every day.

From the design and engineering of each of our RV's, to the selection of components we use, to the actual construction of the finished product, our values are our commitment to you that we will build the very best RVs possible. In fact, at inTech we make the very best RVs available in the market.

Camping is a family activity that strengthens the bond between family members. We know this because we camp ourselves. When you're away on a camping trip you don't want to experience problems that can take a fun time and make it unenjoyable. We work diligently to make sure that your camping experience remains fun. So relax, enjoy your family and trust that we've got you covered, literally!

We're so certain of our quality, fit, finish and unmatched attention to detail that we back every RV we manufacture with the best warranty in the business. Our warranty protects your RV for 1 year against defects in material and workmanship and a full 3 years on our all-aluminum WELDED frame. And our warranty, unlike other RV manufacturers, is transferrable. That shows how confident we are in the RV's that we manufacture for you and your family!

So rest assured that when you entrust inTech RV to manufacture your next recreational vehicle you're going to have an enjoyable camping experience...just like we do! Let's go camping!


Craftsmanship, Quality, Fit & Finish.

At inTech RV we strive to create the highest "Quality of Ownership" possible; it is not how happy you are the day you purchase your new inTech RV, it is your level of satisfaction during year two, three, four and beyond. Our meticulous attention to detail creates an RV like nothing you have ever seen before. We take the time to fit each and every component together. Other manufacturers are happy to get it close enough; that simply is not acceptable at inTech RV and it shows in every RV we build.

Some methods of trailer manufacturing cannot be improved with technology. The RV industry does not utilize automated systems or robotics. The exceptional quality, fit and finish found in each and every inTech RV is a direct result of our workforce sentiment that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


Luna Tear Drop Trailer by Intech now Aavailable at Chilhowee RV     Flyer Mini Trailer by inTech now available at Chilhowee RV