Best Ever Grilled Corn


When it comes to corn, it's like potatoes: it's good just about any way you make it! Boiled and steamed corn is good, but the absolute best way to have it (at least to us!) is grilled! Try out this recipe for grilled corn and you’ll never want to have it another way again! 


What you’ll need: 

Butter, room temp

1 tbsp salt

½ tbsp pepper

½ tbsp chili Powder

½ tbsp garlic Powder

6 ears corn


Combine all the spices. After shucking your corn, rub generously with butter. Make sure it gets into all the little crevices. Next, sprinkle the spice mix over the corn. Make sure its covered, but not heavily. 


Grill the corn on high heat for about 5-8 minutes turning to ensure each side is charred a little bit. Serve and enjoy!

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