Eight RV Goals


Often when we think about goals our mind drifts towards achieving some great feat. Maybe it’s conquering a challenge like a 5k run, or maybe it’s a career goal you have in mind. Rarely do we think about Camping Goals.


Goals have been proven to be effective in producing results. Camping directly affects your mood, relationships, and overall health. Why wouldn’t you set goals if you know the positive benefits you’ll receive from achieving them? So, to make things even easier and more inspiring we’ve come up with 8 examples of RV Goals.


1. Visit the Ocean

The sound of the waves rushing into your RV through the open windows at night is something that is tough to beat. Water gives us life and humans are drawn to the beauty and awe of the oceans. In an RV there are fantastic RV Parks on or near the beach where the views will take your breath away


2. Head to the Mountains

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy the mountains. Probably the most common is setting goals to go hiking or “Peak Bagging”. Peak Bagging is a term for getting to the top of the Mountain Peak. There are clubs formed of people doing a certain set of peaks to bag. Other RVers enjoy looking at the mountains from the relaxation of their campsite but have no desire to hike on the mountain.


3. Get Deserted at the Desert

The desert can be a wondrous place that can bring out the kid in all of us. Walking the dunes is like playing in a HUGE SANDBOX! The dry arid climate brings a new experience in terrain, preparation and activities.


4. Find a Forest

Forests offer such a wide variety of options of activities depending on the type of forest, trail access and what you’re looking to do. Hiking is usually the most popular with 4 wheeling close behind. River sites are popular in the woods for people to have their own private little beach in the middle of the woods.

5. Wild Wildlife

Viewing wildlife is an exciting and addicting hobby. They’re named “WILD-Life” for a reason. To view something wild you have to be prepared and patient in the right area that you know/think the animal will be present. Often for RVers this involves just paying attention to your surroundings. Animals are everywhere and sometimes it requires us to slow down our pace of life to notice these amazing creatures. Planning a trip to an area that you know has a high probability of seeing wildlife is a fun vacation.

6. Attend Events

Pretty much any type of hobby that you can think of there is an event for it. Often activities or sports will have entire leagues where groups of RVers will travel and meetup at the different events like races, concerts, a fair, etc.



7. National Parks

NPs are the ultimate American Dream spots. The beauty of these very different areas can’t be explained in words. When you’re setting NP goals make sure you plan ahead because during busy times of the year you’ll notice certain parks have quite a waiting period. A common lifelong goal for RVers is to visit all the National Parks in the continental USA.

8. Yamping

Who would you like to visit but they don’t have room to host you and for convenience or cost you aren’t excited about a hotel… Yard Camping is the way to go! Friends and family have been coming together for years by pulling up and parking it for a few days.


There’s so many reasons to hit the open road in an RV! Set your camping goals and explore more!

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